You don’t really need to be an artist to have fun making one of my two landscapes!

Learn how to use an easy bonding technique and overlay, to create a unique landscape.

We will discuss using colour, value and different threads to add drama to your work.

Raid your batik stash, hand dyed fabrics or some of your favourite tone-on-tone collection.

I will bring some interesting fabrics for sky, water and land in case you decide to change any of the fabric you’ve brought.


Every workshop is different and we all work differently. I will leave the decision about bringing your sewing machine to you. 

In most cases everyone gets their landscape designed, cut and bonded ready to sew. But sometimes there isn’t time left to actually sew.

I will demo, offer ideas and discuss how to do your decorative stitching which should help you stitch happily at home.

If you work fast, or are insecure about doing decorative stitching please bring your machine and let me know before the class begins. Then I will be sure to allocate time to help you personally.

Questions? Feel free to contact me on 07813 610405


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