Hi Dawn,

So sorry
for the delay – thank you so much for the workshop last Monday – we all had a
lovely time – Elizabeth & Anne came in 2 days later to say what a lovely
time they had had- so Well Done You!!

See you at  FOQ in a couple of weeks

Thanks  again





I just wanted to write and say thank you for such a fantastic workshop on
Thursday. Everyone learned so much, and had a really good day. Lovely


I think this from one student sums it all up:


'I am completely converted to the way DCD works. What she said made perfect
sense. No more buying expensive cotton and then using a little old cotton reel
I just happen to have inherited.'


And I have been telling her this for months!!


And another comment was ' she's a superb teacher.'


So thank you again, and I'm sure I will be in touch very soon to arrange another



Didn't have time to say a proper thank you before I left

Dawn as usual it was a very interesting class, not only
did we learn a new technique but also were able to tap into your amazing
knowledge bank of quilting. Your explanation of gradation of fabric colours is
the best and clearest I have heard. Once again taking a class with you is like
opening a Pandora's box of quilting knowledge.

Thank you again


Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the Invisible Machine Appliqué
class I attended in Lancashire recently. 
It was a wonderfully organised day and as well as learning an invaluable
technique it was a lot of fun. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the books I bought especially the pocket book, I wish I'd
have had this when I first started quilting, but even so it is a very useful
book for the most experienced quilter too.  It was very kind of you to
autograph my books which are now part of my fast growing treasured quilting
Once again, thank you for a wonderful day.

Kind regards

Susan A Richardson

Machine Appliqué with Dawn Cameron-Dick

It was our club meeting today and we had a really
wonderful talk from Dawn Cameron-Dick and if any of you folks are looking for a
speaker to make you chuckle, belly laugh and also shed a tear ...........

she's your gal. Sign her up !

Hers was one of the most enjoyable talks
we have had in ages.

We struck gold because she's sticking around to run a workshop for us
tomorrow, Sunday, and yes, I've signed up for it.

She will be teaching us to IMA, (
invisible machine appliqué) on a wedding ring piecing, so pop back later to see
what a hash I manage to make of it!

Dawn can be found on


She has a couple of books you can buy and a natty little pocket book choc
full of information worth keeping to hand.








I hope you are home safely despite the continuing bad weather.


A very big  thank you from all members of Shirley Quilters and our large group of visitors  for a really super evening. Your talk was exceptionally interesting as we
listened with much embarrassment about all our "sewing sins" but
hopefully going forward we are much more knowldegable about Needles &
Threads. It seemed like your sales table was going like a fair also so I hope
the evening was enjoyable as well as rewarding for you.


Many thanks





Oct 2012


Thank you for sending the Pocket Tutor Book, it is a little treasure and I am also grateful for the reel of thread.

Your talk at Grantchester, Cambridge, recently was one of the most interesting talks I have heard since I have been quilting. To have it all in a lovely little book is genius.

Best wishes,

Janet Allen

Sept 2012




Apologies for not contacting earlier in the week, its just been a bit mad. 


All the girls turned up on Wednesday evening for our weekly craft night and were
absolutely raving about the workshops. They all really enjoyed themselves and
learnt loads. Thanks again for being so understanding and presenting both
workshops in one day, hopefully you had a nice relaxing evening afterwards.


I know you spoke to Lesley about the fact that you will be back up again in the
New Year and it would be great to see you again so when you have more
information please get in touch.


Take care and we look forward to hearing from you soon



Jen & Roie

Crafting Angels Ltd


Sept 2012



Hi Dawn


I met you first when I took your Batik Bag workshop at Festival of Quilts this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also attended your talk last night in Currie on your quilts and voyage of discovery and experiences and
cannot begin to say how excellent, funny and inspirational it was.  Your quilts are beautiful and the way you told the story of each was lovely - so relaxing and certainly rang a bell in my heart and mind. 


You mentioned at FoQ to email you to ask what the make/name of the batting you use for the batik bags was as you could not remember.  I would
also ask if you could let me know details of the wool batting that you now use for your cuddly quilts.


Do you have a facebook page where "fans" can see what you do or is that your website.




AUG 2012



Just a big thank you, Dawn, for the workshop at Festival of Quilts.  The bag I started is now
finished, with another one on the sidelines awaiting attention.
My second workshop with
you and just as good as the first.  It is really appreciated that you are always so well-prepared and professional (some, sadly, are not).


Thanks again,




July 2012




I would like to say how much I enjoyed your talk yesterday Thursday 12th July in FabricBox –Farnborough.


As you know I have quilted for years but have never understood the issues with threads and needles and it was a joy to have such an informative and friendly talk about them.


Thank you - all of my quilting friends were very envious when I told them!




July 2012



Hi Dawn
I attended your workshop yesterday at Fabricbox in Aldershot.
What a fabulous workshop you run, very informative and funny.  I have
been sewing for many years but am workshop and self taught from family inheritance , my 10 aunts on my dad's side were all in the 'rag trade' and my grandmother on my mum's side was a miliner and an acomplished  dressmaker so I truly think its 'in the blood'.  Even my dad could turn his hand to crafty things and was very good at upholstery.

I learned a few things yesterday which I will put into practise from now
on , which will make my curtains and blinds and soft furnishings better
and hopefully moving on from that now I have discovered dressmaking and then obviously patchwork and quilting, how exiciting!!! 
So a HUGE thank you for your day it was lovely and really nice to meet
kind regards




JUNE 2012


On behalf of Cullen Hackers and Tackers a very big
thank-you for your workshop on IMA.It was not only fascinating and inspirational,
it was fun and even the sceptical amongst us went home with minds full of
enthusiasum for new projects. Also your information on choosing the right
needle and thread was truly fascinating as well as enlightening.

We look forward to seeing you and John again soon.

Thank - you both.


JUNE 2012 

Hello Dawn!  Thank you so VERY MUCH for such an
inspiring IMA Class yesterday.  I learned so much (didn't the time just
fly by!) and just can't wait to put my newly learned IMA skills into
practice.  Thank you too for the amazing advice on such basics as thread
and needles.  I have been sewing for well over (!!) fifty years and
realise now the reason I have not been happy with many projects is that I was simply using the wrong basic equipment!  I arrived home and promptly removed all
my "old" packets of needles and will replace them today with the
correct ones to use.  I just can't understand now why this essential information
was never ever available before and your invaluable POCKET TUTOR will always be
my most valuable source of sewing information from now on.

Your obvious teaching talents made the
class so enjoyable and worthwhile - thank you again for such an inspiring
day.  I am now planning the Vegetarian Chicken project and can't wait to get
started.  I look forward to meeting you again and hope to enjoy another
class before too long!

Very best wishes





JUNE 2012 




On behalf of APQG. many thanks for coming to visit us in Aberdeen.

 Dawn's  talk was delivered with such enthusiasm. It was informative, amusing
 and poignant. The 'oohs' and 'aahs' as the quilts were shown were well
justified. I do not know how you managed to bring so many pieces and show them all in such a short  time.

 You must both be totally exhausted.  I believe the w/shop Thursday was also a really enjoyable day. 


You mentioned you might be coming  to Scotland next year. If so, please let me
know and I will pass on the info to the 'new' committee? A return visit to the
group would be very popular. I think Cupar Quilters might also be interested. 


Thanks again. It was a pleasure to  meet you both.









My Dear Dawn


I can't thank you enough for the lovely Pocket Tutor
which arrived in this morning's post.   It is so kind of you - it
moved me to tears when I opened up the packet and saw what it was.  
What a wonderful gift - full of all the essential facts which we need to
know but somehow never see written down and collected up in an easy to access  form like this.   After dipping into it for just a few minutes I've
learned things I never knew but which now will make such a difference to my
sewing.   It's going to be so helpful - invaluable, in
fact - and especially timely -  as a fortnight ago I replaced my dear
old 1976 Pfaff fairly basic model with a new Pfaff Ambition!


Thank you again, and all best wishes for the
course.   I look forward to being with you at Lilac Barns
some time in the future.  


Yours sincerely



JUNE 2012




I have just watched you demonstrating invisible machine applique with

JUST HANDS ON TV in the UK.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching you and

your teaching and demonstrating manner.  Learnt something too!  Just

thought I'd let you know.

Best Wishes


ps You don't have to spend time acknowledging this.  I bet you're busy.

Keep up the good work.

JUNE 2012



Hello Dawn


He has certainly qualified for the bad boy black book. Maybe he can redeem himself  because he has a feature of mirror - imaging the stitches so blanket  stitch, shown biting to the left can be flipped to the right.  Has he  redeemed himself?
Dawn, I cannot tell you just how much I enjoyed your class.  I think IMA
is fantastic.  (My son loved your mailing name ! ). You were such an
inspiration today.  I am still recovering from post viral fatigue for 17
months and needed fun and a completely new challenge.  You have given me that.  Thank you for all your patience with me, your stunning quilts,  perfect teaching, fun and that lovely man, John.
I am going to make a Dresden plate cushion in cream with blues. My first  ever quilt. You don't know how you have stirred latent creative juices.
 Have a safe trip south.  

Thanks again for a very special day.
Kind regards.  



JUNE 2012




Just a short note Dawn to say thank you for such a fun
day. People who had been quilting for years commented that they had learnt
stuff in the morning let alone the afternoon!

Your class was so well organised and so much fun, your
humour certainly made the class very special for us. I am sure you realised how
much we had enjoyed the day by the fact that we really do want you to come back
next year!

I would also like to thank John for his patience in answering all my queries beforehand.
We will definitely organise some fishing
or golf (maybe even both) for him next year.


John - I hope you notice the subtle bribery there for you
to find a date to fit Hackers & Tackers into the diary for next year!

We really look forward to meeting you again next year.

Kind regards Jan






JUNE 2012


Dear  Dawn


I  just wanted to say, on behalf of us all, a really big thank you for the
workshop you gave on Wednesday at Fletchertown. 
Given that you had just lost your mum (and I can sympathise with all the mixed feelings that that brings)
I think that you did so well to get through the day.

Well,  I for one have certainly learnt so much more about my sewing machine,and
will now be experimenting to see how far I can push it for all the different stitches.

The two books are great, well illustrated and easy to understand, so it looks like
it's going to be more IMA for us all.


Lastly, a big thank you to John for making our arrangements go so smoothly,
it must be great to have so many members of staff (as mentioned on your
website) rolled up in one person; at least you will always know where they all
are at any given time.


I  hope you manage to get time to explore Skye when you are there, it's a stunning


thanks again




MAY 2012




Dear Dawn


Thank you so much for the workshop and talk for London
Quilters this week.  I really thoroughly enjoyed both events and have
received only positive feedback from our members.  We will definitely
recommend you to others.  You will be pleased to know that I am thrilled
with my "Sewer's Aid" which was used liberally this afternoon.


I am really so sorry for the confusion over the
location on Sunday.  Thank goodness the two buildings are not too far
apart and you were able to get to the library.  There are definitely some
lessons learned there for us and I am very grateful that you are such
a professional that you did not let it throw you off track.


Thank you again, I hope your journey home went
smoothly and look forward to seeing you again.





APRIL 2012




Hi Dawn & John


Many thanks for your nice comments.


Yesterday I spent the day at the local monthly patchwork group with some of the ladies who attended your workshops. I
must say they were singing your praises! Really impressed with your knowledge and teaching - no negative comments whatsoever regarding the workshops. 

I have attached the few photos I took and
as soon as you get me some info and a pic or two of the New York Beauty I will pop the details for next year on our website and create a new leaflet.


Many thanks again for a super couple of


Best wishes


Fiona & Tim



APRIL 2012




Hello Dawn 

A BIG thankyou to your Mr John and yourself for such prompt service. I put the
order in one day and your pocket tutor arrived the next with lovely goodies!!
John I would employ you immediately for my webshop www.fantasiatextiles.co.uk . Dawn I love the book great advice - do you have one on conversions on inches to metres and quantities of fabric required etc? 

I really look forward to your workshop at the Blackwater Quilters on the 29 May

Create and Enjoy!




MAY 2012



Hi Dawn,


I must say how very glad I am we had you here. Not
only have I learned sooo much, I was sewing the other day and thinking I probably could have used a heavier thread and I definitely changed the needle
and all together I was much more aware of what I’m doing.


One of the ladies from the Thread-u-cation class was telling me yesterday, how she feels you’re
standing in her sewing room and looking over her shoulder if she’s using the right thread and needle etc.


And I feel much the same. It has opened my eyes
definitely. But I have many comments on how glad they were to come and how much they have learned and some projects they want to make.


I can’t wait to create something using your IMA. It was a truly great  two days. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing you here next year again.


Thank you very much for getting back to me about the
weight of the thread, it’s interesting what they said.



Once more big thanks for wonderful time


Vendulka and Olivier




MAY 2012




Dear Dawn Cameron-Dick

Many thanks for the Pocket Tutor which arrived in good
time for my wife's birthday yesterday. She had seen one that belonged to a
friend and so she was delighted and surprised to have one of her own, AND
signed inside too!

AND a sample spool of thread! Lovely.


Many thanks


Best wishes