Dawn Cameron-Dick : Quilter, Author, Teacher


John and I are filling our tours around the UK for 2018/2019. (a few spaces are available later this year)


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New for 2018, the Hares class. Available from April.


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LILAC BARN in beautiful Somerset.


Why not consider a week long residential course? Or even just a  FEW DAYS?

Limited number of students provides a nearly one on one teaching experience with lots of time to sew.  Yummy lunches and cakes... near the Clarks Village Outlet and several patchwork shops including Midsomer Quilts! Lots of laughs, unwind and make new friends!



2018 Dates


April  9-13

July 2-6

October 8-12

For details check out the link to Lilac Barn on the links page!


I am a self taught quilter/author and I made my first quilt in 1971. 


Born in the USA I moved to Saudi Arabia in the early 1970's then back to Colorado where I opened a quilt shop in the '80's.  In 1988 I moved to Belgium where I taught patchwork and was part owner of a shop.


In 1995 I came to the UK.  I now reside in Portishead, near Bristol.


Travel is a huge part of my life so John & I are always happy to accept teaching offers anywhere in the world.


I am known for fun, informative workshops that help quilters build good foundation skills. I strive to help students build confidence and become the very best quilters possible.


Invisible Machine Appliqe is a technique I developed in 1987.  I adore doing hand applique but many people don't, so I developed a method of turned edge applique that could be done on the sewing machine and yet look hand done.


I have written two books and teach 2 workshop on IMA. (see Workshop page)


My most recent creation is my Pocket Tutor. It educates students on the proper use of needles, threads, sewing machines and wadding.

I designed my Pocket Tutor so everyone could have this information easily to hand.


Many groups have welcomed John and I as we travel across the UK and the world. Perhaps you'd like us to plan a visit to you?


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