I currently offer 3 lectures, see below. 



(and Fabulous Fabric too!)


Once you understand the huge choice of waddings that are available you can make an educated choice as to which one is best for your next quilt.

We will also discuss how to use value when choosing colours for your quilt, the pre washing dilemna and much more.

These are all things that can take your patchwork experience from good to AMAZING!



Lectures last for about an hour with plenty of time for questions and answers and of course to see and feel some of my quilts!!


Available as daytime talks or as evening events. Numbers of attendees are only limited by the size of the venue. I have spoken in front of as many as 300 people and as few as 4 (not the best night!!)









I will bring two suitcases full of quilts..over 30 actually...and provide an entertaining hour or so for your group.


My quilts are basically traditional and not only will I talk about making them but also share the stories behind them.


Some are funny and some are sad but I am sure you will be able to relate to all of them.


After the talk the quilts are available for close inspection by the audience.






 A  lecture with a difference!   Have a few giggles, perhaps shed a few tears and hopefully sigh with relief as you find out all the the things that you didn't know, you didn't know, about needles and threads. Be amazed! Be surprised but mostly sit back, learn and enjoy.

I’ve found that quilters are fascinated by needles and threads and how, by using them correctly they can transform their quilting experience.   In this talk I take a fun, yet educational look at choosing threads, understanding machine needles and then putting them together in a match made in heaven. I will also share with you lots of tips and wrinkles I have picked up over my 40 years of quiltmaking.