Everyone loves an Area Day!  Meeting up with friends, stitching, having a laugh and a cuppa is always appreciated but.... shouldn't there be more?


It can be a difficult job for the organiser to come up with something interesting every year. Perhaps I can help?


I can offer you a complete Area Day Package to include:


1) Half Day Lecture (see drop down menu to the left for choice) + Q&A period

2) Half Day Demos (see drop down menu to the left for choice) + handouts

3) A sizeable and interesting Sales Table (lots of discount goodies!)

4) A display of my quilts suitable to the size of the venue

5) A "Goodie Bag" for everyone


TICK!  Problem solved!


Please drop me an email with the date of your planned Area Day and your phone number.  I will contact you with availability and then we can discuss the details.